Best Mini Chainsaws Guide: How to Choose the Right One?


Mini chainsaws are best for pruning and cutting small logs and bushes around your garden. If you are looking to buy a powerful small-sized chainsaw for your projects, then you have come to the right page. Today we will guide you to buy the best mini chainsaw in the market.

The effectiveness of a chainsaw depends on how it’s going to be used. If you need to prune lower branches and clean bushes around your house, we recommend buying a battery-powered chainsaw.

If you have a large garden and going to use it for a longer time, then go for a gas-powered chainsaw. Whatever be the case, don’t forget to match your requirements before buying one.

Let’s go into details and help you out so that you don’t regret after purchasing a chainsaw.   

At a Glance: Best Mini Chainsaws

  1. BLACK-DECKER-Lopper-4-5-Amp-LP1000: Safe and Easy to use option
  2. Makita XCU06Z LXT: Low noise option
  3. Worx WG320 JawSaw: Best for lightweight
  4. Greenworks cordless mini chainsaw: Best for small jobs
  5. Remington 2-in 1 pole saw: convertible pole saw option
  6. Craftsman V20 cordless looper: Good for Women
  7. Black+Decker 40V Max: powerful battery option
  8. Sun Joe 8” pole chainsaw
  9. Dewalt 20V Max XR 12″ chainsaw
  10. AUSHEN 4-inch

Black+Decker Lopper Chain Saw | Amazon

The Black+Decker LP1000 4.5 Amp Alligator Lopper Electric Chain Saw is an ideal tool for trimming tree limbs up to four inches in diameter, cutting branches into manageable pieces and cutting fallen limbs after storms. 

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What is the use of Mini Chainsaw?

A chainsaw is an excellent tool to have if you own a yard. There are lots of projects done every day by millions with this small yet powerful tool. A mini chainsaw would make your wood cutting experience a lot easier if you know how and where to use them properly. The common uses of a mini chainsaw are given below:

  • Did you know, you can cut small trees with a mini chainsaw? A small-sized tree that has a smaller diameter is easier to hold and cut by a lightweight chainsaw. 
  • After felling, Mini Chainsaws are great for pruning limbs of the felled trees. You can also do pruning at a lower height for a standing tree. 
  • Electric trimmers or hedge clippers are good for cleaning small bushes around your house. But when the branches are thicker in diameter, it gets tricky. One small chainsaw can quickly trim large bushes that can save a lot of time. 
  • If you are a garden owner, you might have some logs kept in the yard. Mini Chainsaws are perfect for cutting small-sized logs in your yard. Tree fallen unexpectedly can also be cleaned easily by this saw.
  • From the start of woodworking history until now, the axe has been used by people of almost every era. But using an axe for a long time causes back pain and aches. Mini chainsaw can improve the woodworking experience by a greater margin. For example, splitting firewood is now a lot more comfortable using a small chainsaw than any traditional tool. 

Types of Mini-chainsaw

Before using or owning a mini-chainsaw, you must know all available types of small chainsaws in the market. This will narrow down your requirements which will help you pick the best chainsaw without any hassle.

mini chainsaw

We can differentiate chainsaws based on the power used and design. 

Based on the power used, the lightweight chainsaw can be of three types. They are Gas, Electric, and Battery Powered Chainsaws. Let’s find out their respective features from the chart given below:

Category Gas-Powered Chainsaws Battery Powered Chainsaws Electric Chainsaws
Power Source Gas or Oil Rechargeable batteries Electricity.
Cut Speed Fast Slow Slow
Cutting Time Long Limited No Limit
Buying Cost Moderate Expensive Cheapest
Maintenance Cost Simple Heavy Heavy
Weight Heaviest Moderate Lightest
Emission Heavy No emission No emission
Sound Loudest Quiet Quiet

From the above chart, it’s clear that a gas-powered chainsaw is best for frequent usage besides some drawbacks. With an electric one, you are getting a comfortable and easy-to-use domestic chainsaw. The main setback is that you can’t use it everywhere you go as it runs on electricity. With a battery-powered chainsaw, you can minimize this drawback, but you are bound to carry extra batteries with you, which are expensive.

Based on the design, there are three varieties of Chainsaws. 

Handheld chainsaws

These are simple and the most common types of chainsaws used for different woodworking jobs. There are two handles for guiding the cut by two hands. At the moment chainsaw market showcase a variety of handheld chainsaws for you to choose from.

Pole Saws

These saws can be attached with a tree pole, which helps cut limbs at a higher position. Unless you want to cut a lot of limbs from standing trees, these are not for everyone.

2-in-1 Chainsaws

If you want a hybrid form of handheld and pole saw, this type of saw is perfect for you. You can use this tool for serious woodworking both on the ground and above.

Bar length is an important factor for choosing the best chainsaw that goes with the size of your project. Mini chainsaws generally have smaller bar lengths between 4 to 12 inches. They are mainly used for domestic purposes and have a little kickback. This magic tool is very easy to use and perfect for beginners. 

Starting from 16 inches, you are getting heavy-duty chainsaws. They have strong kickbacks and are recommended for professional users only. 

From 20 inches and above, you are getting a professional tool that can cut anything. Nowadays, they are only used by industrial users who are very experienced in using a chainsaw.  

Things to consider

Before jumping onto our recommended mini chainsaws, many things to look at while choosing the best saw in the market. Let’s find out the important factors before selecting a perfect chainsaw.

Type of Project

The first thing to consider when buying a chainsaw is that it meets your work purpose. If you are doing a large project, selecting a larger one is a must for you. If you intend to clean bushes around your house or trim those small branches of your garden trees, then go for a mini chainsaw. Though many professional woodworkers use mini chainsaws, they are mostly for beginners. An electric technician will be comfortable with an electric chainsaw. If you are good at handling chainsaws, then both gas and battery-powered chainsaws are good for you. 



When considering the size of your chainsaw, you have to keep two things in mind. One is the size of the motor you are using. Depending on your project type, you have to match the best engine for you. Generally, mini chainsaws start from 30cc and increase with the increase of bar length.

As for the size of the motor, the second thing to look at is the length of the bar. For a small project, less than 14-inch bar saws are best fitted. Remember to match your workload with the bar length, as a large chainsaw might bring more hassle than charm if not choose correctly.


Every piece of machine is bound to face problems while using after a certain period. It is always good to check the warranty cards before making heavy expenses. If any parts fail, you can call for professional maintenance services or replacement by the manufacture. The standard warranty period for any chainsaw is two to three years.


We know that spending more isn’t always better in case of buying any forestry tools. But in the case of a chainsaw, a little extra buck can bring you a better one. The cost of mini or small-sized chainsaws varies with different manufacturers, sizes, and effectiveness. The standard price starts from $80 to $250 for the best options in the market for any lightweight chainsaw.  


If you have used any chainsaws before, you will know that they tend to be very noisy. Generally, the electric ones are the quietest among all saws; still, they do noise pollution. Professional woodworkers always use ear protection while using one chainsaw. 


If you can’t bear the weight of your chainsaw, then it is meaningless to buy one. The weight of any chainsaw depends on its bar length and the size of the motor being used. Gas-powered chainsaws have powerful engines; that’s why they are a bit heavier in weight. If you are not used to cutting logs by a heavy chainsaw, it would be wise to select an electric or battery-powered chainsaw instead. They have a smaller motor and are very easy to use for beginners. But keep in mind that lighter chainsaw does have surprise kickbacks. So, selecting the right weight for your chainsaw is very important.

List of reviews

You are already well aware of the different types of chainsaws used for small projects. This review will recommend you the best possible choice for each department, starting from mini to small-sized chainsaw. This will include one-handed, two-handed, Loopers; Pole saw, Jawsaw even heavy-duty Chainsaw. We tried to cover all bar lengths in this segment to help everyone make a better buying decision. These tools are very handy, and each one of them will fit into your house very easily if they meet all of your requirements. If you are a novice on the small-sized chainsaw and looking for your options, then start with our recommended chainsaws below:

BLACK-DECKER-Lopper-4-5-Amp-LP1000 (Safe and Easy to use option)

There are very few mini chainsaws in the market that can match both power and budget at the same time. Black+Decker 6-inch bar chainsaw is one of them. With a 4.5-amp motor, it is almost like a beast while cutting small branches and bushes. This electric machine can easily cut 4-inch diameter shrubs with a single motion. It’s now available on Amazon at only $78.82 with a discount. For its friendly price and heavy-duty, buyers are more than satisfied with the product. 



  • Easy pruning and cutting bushes
  • It comes with an oil bottle
  • Very light and comfortable to handle


  • Hard to cut bigger logs

Black+Decker Lopper Chain Saw | Amazon

The Black+Decker LP1000 4.5 Amp Alligator Lopper Electric Chain Saw is an ideal tool for trimming tree limbs up to four inches in diameter, cutting branches into manageable pieces and cutting fallen limbs after storms. 

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03/07/2024 03:29 pm GMT

Makita XCU06Z LXT (Low noise option)

Makita chainsaws are great for their torque and rpm, which make them unique from other brands. This small chainsaw comes with an 18V battery that is the source of greater performance. There are a lot of impressive features that make this Chainsaw one of the best contenders out there. 

Makita XCU06Z LXT


  • Excellent brushless motor
  • Good for dense wood


  • Battery not included with purchase 

Makita XCU06Z LXT | Amazon

With zero emissions, lower noise and much less maintenance, the XCU06Z is a welcome solution for cutting and trimming applications, and the compact top handle design makes it ideal for the professional tree care industry.

Buy at Amazon
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Worx WG320 JawSaw (Best for lightweight

If you are not comfortable with a traditional chainsaw and want a safer option, this beauty is perfect for you. This model has a jaw-style saw that rip through branches with ease. The long neck gives you enough distance to keep you safe from the blade and avoid any injuries. All these safety features and their very lightweight making it one of the best mini chainsaws in the market.

Worx WG320 JawSaw


  • Automatic tension capacity
  • Very high speed


  • Not versatile

Worx WG320 JawSaw | Amazon

With a fully-enclosed bar and chain, the Worx 6” 20V JAWSAW™ Chainsaw is the safest chainsaw you can buy. The bar and chain actually retract into the neck of the tool when not in use, so you'll never have a bare chainsaw just lying around the yard. 

Buy at Amazon
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03/08/2024 03:44 am GMT

Greenworks cordless mini chainsaw (Best for small jobs)

Greenworks have established their name as one of the best manufacturers of woodworking tools. Their cordless mini chainsaw having a 10-inch bar is great for all classes of people out there. With a comprehensive user guide and user-friendly design, this tool is great for every small project. If you want a safe and easy to control chainsaw, don’t look elsewhere but this beauty.

Greenworks cordless mini chainsaw


  • Smooth and low noise work


  • Quite large for short space

Greenworks 24V 10" Chainsaw | Amazon

Greenworks G-24 System offers versatility with a range of tools to choose from to get the job done with outdoor and indoor tools for all your DIY projects.

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03/08/2024 02:50 am GMT

Remington 2-in 1 pole saw (convertible pole saw option)

The main feature that most of the mini chainsaw lacks is that heavy-duty performance. This telescopic model will handle your projects with ease. Converting a pole saw from a traditional chainsaw is very easy without the help of any tools. The comfortable grip makes it even better to control while cutting large bushes out of your reach.


  • Automatic oiler included
  • Good grip for control 


  • A little heavier

Remington 2-in 1 Pole Saw | Amazon

When you need to go that extra mile, Remington has you covered. Taking down hard-to-reach branches is one of the most important parts of yard maintenance.

Buy at Amazon
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Craftsman V20 cordless looper( Good for Women)

If you are still not okay with the safety features and want something more, this great tool won’t disappoint you. The scissor-like handle will give you enough control over the saw to cut small to medium branches and bushes easily. The blade guard will protect you from any type of injury. If handled with care, this tool will be your best friend without any doubt.

Craftsman V20 cordless looper


  • Easy to handle
  • Safest option


  • A little heavy

CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Lopper | Amazon

The plier features a scissor-like action for fast cutting in one motion with patented clamping jaws that allow you to easily and safely grasp and cut limbs.

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03/08/2024 03:11 am GMT

Black+Decker 40V Max (powerful battery option)

This is one of the bestselling chainsaws in the market. It’s amazing to see such a well-constructed chainsaw being so light in weight. The chainsaw is portable and very easy to use for every homeowner. Those 40V lithium-ion batteries will give you enough backup to clean small bushes around your home for a long time. If you have a good primary chainsaw and are looking for a secondary one, this might be your best choice.

Black+Decker 40V Max


  • Powerful battery
  • Easy to handle


  • Not good for bigger logs

Black+Decker 2in1 Cordless String Trimmer/Edger | Amazon

The key to a well-maintained lawn? The right tools, of course—like Black+Decker’s cordless string trimmer/edger. Take on weeds, overgrowth, and unruly grass with this 2in1 essential.

Buy at Amazon
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Sun Joe 8” pole chainsaw

Pole saws are great for pruning branches that are out of reach. Sun Joe SWJ800E beats everyone pole saw option on this list that can also be used as groundworks so easily. The adjustable bar can reach up to 15-foot height. 

Sun Joe 8” pole chainsaw


  • Easy pole adjustment
  • Automatic oiler


  • Possible leak for oil container

Sun Joe 8” Pole Chainsaw | Amazon

The Sun Joe SWJ800E chain saw takes the danger and hassle out of trimming your overgrown trees.

Buy at Amazon
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/07/2024 06:51 am GMT

Dewalt 20V Max XR 12″ chainsaw

Professional chainsaw users choose a powerful yet versatile tool for their work. Dewalt 12″ chainsaw is the biggest chainsaw on this list and is perfect for people searching for long-term solutions. Safety measures are the top priority for a bigger chainsaw, and this chainsaw does everything perfectly in this department. So, you don’t worry about chain break or oiler in this case.

Dewalt 20V Max XR 12


  • Great power at an affordable price


  • It takes too much space

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw | Amazon

This battery-operated chainsaw is designed to work hard. Use it for outdoor and heavy-duty construction work like beam cutting, demolition work, and tree limb management. The lightweight design maximizes user control. Brushless motor technology offers extreme operation and long motor life.

Buy at Amazon
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AUSHEN 4-inch 

One-handed chainsaws are great for all sorts of users, starting from beginners to experts. Their mini size and very lightweight making them very portable and easy to use. If you have any doubt about their performance, then think twice as this 4-inch chainsaw can cut branches like a knife through butter. 

AUSHEN 4-inch


  • Very light
  • Good one-handed grip


  • Not good for long time use

Aushen 4-inch Portable Cordless Chainsaw | Amazon

The cordless mini handheld chainsaw has been precisely processed and manufactured and has better quality than the same product.

Buy at Amazon
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Whatever chainsaw you buy, if not maintained properly, won’t last long. To keep your tool performing for a long time, you have to take care of few things now and then. They are:

  • After using, clean the chain properly and keep it apart from the bar. You can use v to clean the dirt.
  •  After colling down, wipe the body to clean the leftover dust on the engine.
  • Always keep your oil reservoir fill and battery fully charged.
  • Keep the blade covered to avoid any accidental injuries.

Safety Concern and Tips

Chainsaws are a very powerful tool that can outstand anything beneath their blade. That’s why it is a very dangerous tool without any doubt. Domestic users should be careful while using this machine in their homestead. For beginners, a basic easy to use chainsaw is preferable. A small mistake can cause permanent damage to your body or even death. Let’s find out some safety measures while using a chainsaw below:

  • For the novice, never use a chainsaw without any training. Contact your seniors who have experience using one, and your seller can also help you out with a small guide.
  • You should know how to use a chainsaw properly so that you are well known to all parts of the saw you are using.
  • Wear protective equipment like gloves, face-shield, steel toe boots to protect yourself from any kind of injuries.
  • It would be wise to use a chainsaw away from flammable objects to ignite with a little spark.
  • For an electric chainsaw, always keep the cord extension on your back away from the blade.
  • Start your work by cutting a small log to test the chainsaw.
  • Always keep the chainsaw below your chest, as sudden kickbacks cannot be controlled.
  • For felling large trees, everyone should take special caution to avoid any damage. Professional help is needed in this aspect.

FAQ section

Question: Is a mini chainsaw worth it?

Answer: Worth every penny if used for the right purpose. Mini chainsaw is designed to cut small branches and bushes in your garden. They come with rechargeable batteries that can give you a run time of 30 to 40 minutes. Carrying an extra set of batteries is preferable when going out for a long time. If all the above features are okay with you, then a mini chainsaw is just more than enough for you.

Question: What is the best mini battery-operated chainsaw?

Answer: While choosing a mini chainsaw, you are bound to get short battery life as they have small batteries. For this reason, we would suggest a BLACK-DECKER 40V chainsaw. It has a great lithium-ion battery that runs for almost one hour. 

Question: What is the easiest chainsaw to use?

Answer: When we compare easily to use a chainsaw, nothing beats the BLACK+DECKER Looper chainsaw. From all categories of chainsaws out in the market, loopers are the easiest ones to use. Our number one pick will give you enough grip and control whenever you use it. 

Question: What is the best chainsaw for women?

Answer: If you want the best chainsaw that women will use, you should go for safer options. A powerful tool that comes with enough protective gear to keep you safe is the best choice. We would recommend our safest mini chainsaw pick that is a Craftsman V20 Cordless Looper chainsaw. It is very handy to use, lightweight, portable and comes with great protective features.

Final thoughts

Choosing the right tool is not that hard if you know your requirements properly. Sorting out your needs and budget will finish half of your work for buying. That’s why it is always wise to research thoroughly before going to make a purchase. 

We hope that our best mini chainsaw guide was helpful and answered all of your doubts about buying a chainsaw for your home. Keep cutting those branches with safety gears on and bring out the real joy of woodworking. 

Black+Decker Lopper Chain Saw | Amazon

The Black+Decker LP1000 4.5 Amp Alligator Lopper Electric Chain Saw is an ideal tool for trimming tree limbs up to four inches in diameter, cutting branches into manageable pieces and cutting fallen limbs after storms. 

Buy at Amazon
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/07/2024 03:29 pm GMT

*Photo Courtesy Amazon

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