Best 70cc Chainsaw

Best 70cc Chainsaw Options: Which Should You Choose?

If you’re looking for a 70cc chainsaw, then you’re probably a professional or are interested in a model that can handle heavy work. As I guess you know, these chainsaws are among the most powerful in the market. 

There are a number of 70cc chainsaw options from reputable brands like Stihl, Husqvarna, and Makita. Smaller brands like NEO-Tec and Coocheer also have powerful models that are worth considering.

To help you find the best 70cc chainsaw, I took the time to research the performance and reliability of different chainsaw models from various companies and put together this in-depth piece. You’ll also get some insight into the main features to look out for when choosing a chainsaw model. 

Bottom Line Up Front

My top 70cc chainsaw recommendation is the STIHL MS 462 C-M. This model is lighter than most of its competitors, has a powerful 72.2cc, 6.0 bhp engine, and is easy to use.

However, it costs more than $1000. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, I recommend the Makita EA7900PRZ, which has 79cc, 5.7hp, and can cost less than $900.

My Top Picks at a Glance

70cc Chainsaw

Model Displacement Other Features Price Range
Husqvarna 365 X-Torq 70cc Centrifugal air cleaning system, 16 to 28-inch guide bar, 14.1 lb weight. $900 – $1000
Echo CS-7310P 73.5cc Four-stage air cleaning system, 20 to 32-inch bar, 14.8 lb weight. $900 – $1000
STIHL MS 462 C-M 72.2cc Automatic oiler, 13.2 lb weight, 24.3 oz fuel capacity. $1000 – $1100
Makita EA7900PRZ  79cc 5.7 horsepower engine, 14.7 lb weight, electronic ignition. $800 – $1000
NEO-TEC Gas Chainsaw NS872 72cc 24 to 28-inch guide bars, 4.9 horsepower, 2-stroke engine. $300 – $400
Makita EA7301PRZ 72.6 cc Electronic ignition, 5.4 horsepower, 2-stroke engine. $900 – $1000

Chainsaw Features to Look Out For

Tool-Free Chain Tensioning

I’m sure you’ve experienced chainsaws that require a screwdriver and wrench to tighten or loosen the chain. Certain models require you to loosen the bar nuts and adjust the tensioning screw. All this takes time and might require an extra set of hands to lift the guide bar as you tension the chain. 

In models with tool-free chain tensioning, there’s an adjustment knob in place of the screw. This makes it quick and easy to tension and shaves off a couple of minutes from the process.

Carbide Chain

Carbide – or tungsten carbide – is known to be stiffer than steel, giving it a number of advantages when used in cutting tools like chainsaws. 

For starters, carbide chains are tough and ideal for cutting hardwood. This material is also easier to sharpen; carbide also doesn’t get dull quickly like steel. 

Because they retain their sharp edge, carbide tools make cleaner cuts, thus minimizing the risk of a chainsaw kickback. Finally, carbide chains last longer, offsetting their higher purchase price. 

Easy Starting


Different companies use different names for an easy-to-start chainsaw system. STIHL calls this Easy-Start System, Poulan calls it Effortless Pull Starting, and Husqvarna calls it Smart Start Technology – you get the idea!

Essentially, they all have the same idea; making it easier to pull-start your chainsaw. Cranking chainsaws (and other gas-powered tools) has always been a pain, piling pressure on your wrists, elbows, and shoulder. 

An easy-starting system minimizes the tension on the starter cord, making it easy to pull and crank the chainsaw.

Check out this guide to learn about the differences between a Gas vs Electric Chainsaw.

Air Pre-Cleaning System

If you’re willing to spend a little bit more on your next 70cc chainsaw, you should consider one with an air pre-cleaning system. This feature allows the chainsaw to filter large dust particles in the air intake before it reaches the air filter.

As a result, the air flowing into the chainsaw’s engine is cleaner, and maintaining the air filter is easier.


Finally, look out for a chainsaw with anti-vibration features. These models have mechanisms that absorb the vibration from the engine, preventing it from reaching the handle. Therefore, the chainsaw feels more stable as you operate it.

70cc Chainsaw Recommendations

Selection Criteria

  • Ease of handling – I considered models that weren’t too heavy for most users. These models have a maximum of 15 lbs. 
  • Cutting performance – The recommended chainsaws have the horsepower that’s capable of handling heavy workloads.
  • Reliability – I considered brands that have a track record of reliability. These models have a high user rating.

Husqvarna 365 X-Torq

Husqvarna 365 X-Torq

A renowned brand, Husqvarna’s chainsaws are known for their reliability and strength. The Husqvarna 365 X-Torq maintains this positive reputation with its powerful 70 cc engine that churns out 4.9 horsepower. 

This model’s strength comes from Husqvarna’s proprietary X-Torq engine, that’s known for its fuel efficiency and minimized emissions. In fact, the chainsaw consumes just 3.3 lbs of fuel per hour of continuous use. 

Sadly, with all its power comes a great deal of noise; the 365 has a sound level of 110 dBA. However, this is expected in a gas chainsaw. Be sure to always have your ear muffs at hand to mitigate the effects of the high noise level.

Main Features

  • The Husqvarna 365 has an X-Torq engine.
  • It has a magnesium crankcase.
  • Its air-cleaning system pre-cleans air before reaching the filter.
  • Its maximum bar length is 28 inches.
  • The chainsaw body weighs 14.1 lbs.
  • It has Husqvarna’s LowVib anti-vibration feature.
  • This model has Smart Start technology.


  • It’s a hardy chainsaw.
  • The chainsaw has low emissions.
  • The air filter is easy to access.


  • It’s loud.
  • There’s no tool-free chain tensioning.
  • It’s costly.

Here are other Husqvarna chainsaw models to consider.



The ECHO CS-7310P is a tough 73.5cc chainsaw that targets professionals who need a chainsaw for heavy use. This model boasts a 2-stroke engine that’s easy to start thanks to the decompression valve feature. 

Its sturdy build is made up of a magnesium crankcase and sprocket cover, while the rubber handle maintains comfort. Speaking of comfort, there’s a vibration reduction system that’s made up of a spring mechanism. This protects you from feeling the vibrations from the engine.

Main Features

  • Its engine capacity is 73.5cc.
  • The ECHO CS-7310P weights 14.8 lbs when empty.
  • It’s compatible with 20, 24, 28, and 32-inch bars.
  • This model has an automatic oiling system.
  • It has four-stage air cleaning.
  • There’s a spring anti-vibration mechanism.
  • The crankcase is made of magnesium.
  • Its handle is made of aluminum with rubber molding.


  • It’s comfortable to handle.
  • The chainsaw is powerful.
  • It’s easy to maintain.


  • It’s costly.



This STIHL chainsaw wins on many fronts: it’s lighter than its counterparts on this list, and it offers high horsepower. These reasons have endeared the MS 462 C-M to loggers who agree that this is, perhaps, one of the best 70cc chainsaws in the market.

The STIHL MS 462 C-M has an engine capacity of 72.2cc, and this is able to churn out an impressive 6.0 bhp. It also boasts the company’s M-Tronic system that intelligently optimizes the engine’s performance in different situations.

For instance, if you use fuel of lower quality, the M-Tronic system adjusts the engine performance to make sure that it works efficiently.

Main Features

  • The STIHL MS 462 C-M weighs 13.2 lbs.
  • It has an engine displacement of 72.2cc.
  • The chainsaw has an adjustable automatic oiler.
  • There’s an air pre-cleaning system.
  • The chain has STIHL’s Quickstop braking system that activates in the event of a kickback.
  • This model has an anti-vibration system.


  • It’s lighter than most professional chainsaws.
  • It has a powerful engine.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • The chainsaw has low emissions.


  • It costs more than $1000.

Learn more about STIHL’s chainsaw models.

Makita EA7900PRZ

Makita EA7900PRZ

Makita has perfected the art of making power tools, and their chainsaws are among the best that you can buy. The Makita EA7900PRZ is proof of this reputation, offering enough power for heavy use.

In fact, this is the most powerful chainsaw on this list, boasting an engine with a whopping 79cc capacity. This helps it to deliver up to 5.7 horsepower.

Sadly, the Makita EA7900PRZ is one of the heavier chainsaws on this list, but 14.7lbs is the price you have to pay for such power. On the plus side, this chainsaw model is significantly cheaper than its counterparts on this list, costing as low as $830

Main Features

  • The Makita EA7900PRZ has a 79cc engine.
  • It has a two-stroke engine.
  • Its power is 5.7 hp.
  • Its weight without the bar is 14.7 lbs.
  • There’s a vibration dampening system.


  • The chainsaw is very powerful.
  • It has an easy-to-start feature.
  • It’s reasonably priced.


  • The chainsaw is heavy.

NEO-TEC Gas Chainsaw NS872

NEO-TEC Gas Chainsaw NS872

Although not as popular as the STIHLs and Husqvarnas of this world, NEO-TEC still offers a worthy option for those who don’t have $1000 to spend on a chainsaw. If this is you, then consider the company’s NS872 model, which costs as low as $300. 

At this price, you get a 72cc chainsaw with 4.9 horsepower. This stacks it up against the more expensive models on this list as it offers a similar degree of functionality. Granted, at this price, you’re losing out on features like easy-start and multi-stage air filtration. It’s also slightly on the heavier side.

However, if you’re okay with using a little extra effort to start it, then it should serve you well in your logging tasks.

Main Features

  • The NEO-TEC NS872 has a 72cc engine.
  • It uses bars of 24, 25, and 28 inches.
  • Its engine has 4.9 horsepower.
  • The chainsaw has a 2-stroke engine.
  • Its body is made of a Magnesium alloy.


  • It’s a cheap chainsaw.
  • It’s powerful enough for heavy tasks.


  • There’s no easy-start feature.
  • It’s heavy.

Makita EA7301PRZ

Makita EA7301PRZ

Another Makita chainsaw on our list, this one boasts a 73 cc engine with an impressive 5.4 horsepower. This chainsaw can handle any task you throw at it, as you’d expect from a Makita product. 

It has a number of bells and whistles that are common in $900 chainsaws. You get an easy-start feature for starters (pun intended), similar to the one in its sibling on this list.

This makes it easy to pull the starter cord, which has little resistance. Plus, its 14.7lb weight places it within the same range as the other chainsaws that we’ve listed above.

Main Features

  • The Makita EZ7301PRZ has a 73 cc engine.
  • Its power is 5.4 hp.
  • The chainsaw has an easy-starting mechanism.
  • The body is made of magnesium.
  • It has a heated handle for use in cold weather.
  • There’s advanced vibration dampening.


  • It’s a reliable chainsaw.
  • This model is powerful.


  • It costs more than the more powerful Makita EA7900PRZ.

70cc Chainsaw Alternatives

HUSQVARNA 460 Rancher

HUSQVARNA 460 Rancher

This alternative from Husqvarna is a 60.3cc chainsaw that would be a good option if you’re willing to step down in engine capacity. The 460 Rancher is still powerful enough for your logging tasks, thanks to its 3.62 horsepower. This engine has the company’s X-Torq feature, making it fuel-efficient and friendlier to the environment.

Plus, just like its 70cc sibling on the list above, this one has an adjustable oil pump and an easy-to-reach chain tensioner, among other features in the 365 X-Torq model. 

Another reason you should consider the 460 Rancher is its price; it costs just under $600. So, if you’re jittery about spending $1000, this would be a great alternative.

Main Features

  • The Husqvarna 460 Rancher has a 60cc engine.
  • It has an X-Torq engine that has low emissions.
  • There’s the LowVib feature that minimizes vibrations.
  • This model has an air pre-cleaning system.


  • It costs less than $600.
  • It is powerful enough for heavy tasks.
  • It’s lighter than the 70cc models.


  • Its maximum bar length is 24 inches.



The ECHO CS-620P retails at about $600, offering a two-stroke, 60cc engine for the price. Granted, this is 10cc less than you’d want for your forestry tasks, but the CS-620P doesn’t disappoint in performance.

Unlike the Husqvarna 460 Rancher above, this one is more versatile in bar length; it’s able to use 16, 18, 20, 24, and even 27-inch bars. Moreover, its powerful engine makes it an affordable, professional-grade chainsaw for heavy users. 

As is common in ECHO’s chainsaws, this model comes with an automatic oiler that activates when the chain is rotating. Plus, it boasts a see-through fuel tank that allows you to quickly determine how much fuel is left. 

Main Features

  • The ECHO CS-620P has a 60cc engine.
  • It has a two-stroke engine.
  • There’s an automatic oiler.
  • It can be used with a 16, 18, 20, 24, and 27-inch bar.
  • Its weight is 13.7 lbs.
  • The handle is made of aluminum with a rubber molding.
  • There’s an air pre-cleaner.


  • The chainsaw is affordable.
  • It’s easy to maintain.
  • It can use various bar lengths.


  • No anti-vibration feature.



Consider the STIHL MS 362 C-M as an alternative to the 70cc chainsaws. It has 60 ccs but is able to perform all the tasks of the 70 cc models. Thanks to the powerful 4.69 bhp engine, you get almost as much power as you would in a 70cc chainsaw. Plus, with STIHL’s reduced-emission engine technology, its emissions are quite low.

This model has the company’s anti-vibration system that absorbs most of the vibrations from the engine. Plus, the M-Tronic feature keeps the engine functioning optimally irrespective of fuel quality. 

Sadly, the MS 362 C-M costs almost as much as a 70 cc model, with prices ranging from $800 to $1000. 

Main Features

  • The STIHL MS 362 C-M has a 60cc engine.
  • It can use guide bars of up to 25 inches.
  • It has an M-Tronic engine.
  • There’s air pre-cleaning.
  • The chainsaw weighs 12.35 lbs.


  • It’s a powerful 60cc chainsaw.
  • It has low emissions.


  • It’s expensive.

COOCHEER 20” Chainsaw

COOCHEER 20” Chainsaw

I had to finish this alternative list with this COOCHEER chainsaw, not because it has a 62cc engine – although it does – because it’s so cheap. Believe it or not, this 3.5 hp chainsaw costs just $140. So, if you’re looking for a really cheap but powerful chainsaw, perhaps this COOCHEER model might be the right option for you.

Granted, there are certain shortcomings that come with its low price. First, its RPM is limited to 8500 per minute, as opposed to over 10,000 in the more expensive models above.

Second, it’s slightly heavier than the others on this list, weighing about 15 lbs. 

On the flip side, this chainsaw has an automatic oiler, an air filtration system, and minimal vibrations. And, according to users, it’s easy to start.

Main Features

  • This chainsaw has a 62cc engine.
  • The engine has two cycles.
  • It has 3.5 hp.
  • There’s a rubber handle.


  • It’s affordable.
  • It’s easy to start.
  • There’s an automatic oiler.


  • The handle is a bit flimsy and can easily break.
  • It tends to overheat after prolonged use.

Other Things to Consider When Choosing a Chainsaw

We wrote an in-depth article on how to find the best chainsaw that you can check out to get more information. However, below, I’ve put together a quick list of the things to consider while shopping for a 70cc chainsaw. Check it out before making a decision.

Guide Bar Size 

You’ll need a guide bar that’s longer than the thickest item you might be cutting. According to experts, the bar should be at least two inches more than what you intend to cut.

For a 70cc chainsaw, consider a guide bar that’s at least 20 inches to allow you to cut most large trees and logs. Some models can have bars as long as 72 inches, although this is overkill for most people.


Since 70cc chainsaws are powerful tools, they’re also likely to be heavy. However, as you’ve seen in the recommended list above, you don’t have to trade off portability for power. 

Consider a chainsaw that’s the perfect weight for you so that you’re able to use it for a long period without straining your arms. 

A model that’s less than 14 lbs is good for most people. Remember, the chainsaw weight listed will most likely be without the bar, chain, and fuel. Factor these when considering a model.


Chainsaw gasoline and oil


There are 2- and 4-stroke chainsaws. The main difference is that gas and oil go in one tank in 2-stroke chainsaws while 4-stroke models have separate tanks for gas and oil. 

Moreover, 2-stroke chainsaws are usually more powerful with higher RPMs, as opposed to 4-stroke chainsaws. Most companies now produce 2-stroke chainsaws since they have a low power-to-weight ratio. 

Here’s a deeper look at the difference between 2-stroke and 4-stroke chainsaws.

Fuel Efficiency

Consider the chainsaw’s runtime on a full tank of gas. Ideally, the chainsaw you choose should run for at least 30 minutes before you have to refill it. Even better if you can get a longer runtime. 

Chainsaws from companies like STIHL and Husqvarna have engine technologies that make them more fuel-efficient. For instance, some Husqvarna models have X-Torq engines while STIHL offers M-Tronic engine tech.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Should I Store My Chainsaw on its Side?

Answer: No, don’t store a chainsaw on its side if it has oil in the oil tank. This is because the oil will leak. If you need to store the chainsaw on its side, make sure you empty the oil first.

Question: How Many ccs should a Good Chainsaw Have?

Answer: The chainsaw’s engine displacement you get should depend on your intended use. A good chainsaw for heavy use should have at least 50cc, while intermediate users will do fine with a 40 to 50cc chainsaw. Chainsaws with 20 to 30cc are good for light users.

Question: What is a Good Size Chainsaw for Cutting Down Trees?

Answer: A chainsaw with at least a 20-inch guide bar is suitable for cutting down trees.

Bottom Line

70cc chainsaws are powerful professional-grade tools that are meant for heavy tasks. Therefore, consider one with at least 4hp and 10,000 RPM to be sure that it can handle the workload you’ll throw at it. The models on my list of recommended chainsaws have at least 4.9 horsepower. 

My favorite is the STIHL MS 462 C-M, which has 72.2cc and 6.0 bhp. This model also boasts a low power-to-weight ratio.

Remember to also get the necessary protective gear when working with your powerful 70cc chainsaw. Check out our article on the best chainsaw gloves to get started.

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