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Buckeye vs Chestnut Wood

Buckeye vs Chestnut Wood: Discerning the Differences

Buckeye and Chestnut woods have different qualities that make them unique in the workshop. Conscientious woodworkers should be fully aware of their distinct differences, so suitable material is chosen for any project. There are multiple species, but I will discuss them generally because the traits apply across types. These are both viable hardwoods to work …

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Box Elder Wood Uses

Box Elder Wood Uses

Boxelder is the third corner of the Soft Maple Triangle. The lightest and, sadly, the weakest of the Maples, however, it does have some excellent and endearing characteristics. I’m always a little wary of common names for different wood species. It creates confusion, so if you come across Manitoba Maple. Ash-leaved Maple. or Boxelder Maple …

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Hackberry Wood Uses

Hackberry Wood Uses

My experience with Hackberry started badly when I mistook it for Ash. I was frustrated by the poor quality of finish I was obtaining despite my enthusiastic and youthful sanding attempts. Hackberry does have a close resemblance to Ash, but anatomically it is closer to Elm. Not only does Hackberry bear a strong resemblance to …

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magnolia wood uses

Magnolia Wood Uses

There are three types of Magnolia that provide timber for woodworkers. They all share common characteristics that make generalizations of Magnolia wood uses possible. The most appreciated quality of the three Magnolia timbers is the straight grain which makes it easy to use with both hand and power tools. The three species are: Magnolia acuminata …

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Juniper Wood Uses

Juniper Wood Uses

Some woods lend themselves to individualistic expression, and Juniper will never make it to the Ikea Store. I love it. Just when you think you have got it down, it becomes a Cedar. Juniperus communis is the common Juniper, and Juniperus virginiana is the Eastern Red Cedar. As some sort of compensation, the Eastern Red …

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