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How to Find the Best Pickaroon

The pickaroon is an essential woodworking hand tool that is used for the safe moving of cut logs. As the name suggests, it is used to “pick” logs or firewood and move them around with minimum effort and maximum ease. Before we start on our mission to find the best pickaroon, we need to ask ourselves why we are getting a pickaroon in the first place. The obvious answer is so that we don’t have to bend over to move wood here and save ourselves from the chronic injuries and pain that may result from repeated bending and heavy lifting of logs.

This guide will illustrate the best pickaroon around the market using an in-depth review and answer some of the frequently asked questions about the tool.

At a glance: 5 of the best pickaroons in 2022

Pickaroon Best for: Length of tool
1. Woodchuck 32″ Pickaroon Best stainless steel pickaroon 32 inches
2. Logrite 30″ Pickaroon Best aluminum pickaroon 30 inches
3. Peavy 36″ pickaroon Classic old-time pickaroon 36 inches
4. Felled hookaroon pickaroon Best overall pickaroon 28 inches
5. Fiskars hookaroon Best fiberglass pickaroon 35 inches

Felled Hookaroon Pickaroon | Amazon

The Felled Logging Pickaroon Hookaroon Tool is designed to assist you in lifting, dragging, and carrying logs without straining your back; The lightweight pickeroon is simple to use and makes logging easier.

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Selection Criteria

Choosing the best pickaroon out there comes down to our personal preference as well as the overall height of the person using it. With that in mind, we have used the following specific criteria to make sure that the best pickaroon out there makes it into our list.
The following criteria are used:


Modern vs traditional:

People have their preferences regarding traditional and modern styles. Some people, including myself, choose old-style tools while others prefer modern design and construction. With that in mind, our guide has pickaroons of both styles to choose from.

Handle length:

As we all now know, the main purpose of using a pickaroon is to avoid bending to pick and move cut logs or firewood, so the length of the handle plays a huge role in how effective and efficient it is.


The price of the pickaroon is an important criterion to consider while selecting the best ones. The price you choose to spend determines the quality or the type of tool you will end up with. Although sometimes, the concept of higher price equals higher quality might not come true.


The pickaroons we have listed in this guide are all durable. The head and handle materials make a difference in this facet.

User- Friendliness:

Some high-quality pickaroons will have little incorporations of features in them to make them easier to operate. This could be an addition of grip holes in the handle or adding a soft handle so that you can hold them for a longer period.

If you are not familiar with working with wood, we recommend you to get a pickaroon that has a new design, which is quite more effective than the old, traditional one and won’t let the wood fall over and has a long handle that prevents you from bending over. However, for someone who is comfortable working around woods, you may choose either the traditional or the modern design with the features that suit you the best.

What’s the Difference Between Pickaroons and Hookaroons? Find out here.

Why do you need a pickaroon?

A pickaroon is an essential tool that helps us pick out logs and helps us to stack them in a manner without worrying about the back pain at the end of the day. It is a clever wood handling tool that every woodsman needs.

Whether you are loading wood on a log splitter or transporting firewood from the ground surface to a truck, having a pickaroon always makes your work easier.

Splitting firewood is drudgery itself, so anything that is designed to pick the wood, allowing us to move logs without us bending makes the entire process easier.


Similarly, there is one more task that can be accomplished using this tool. Pickaroon helps in dragging of branches and small trees and timber after felling to wherever you need it. Pickaroon acts as an add-on to our arm and saves a lot of time and effort.

In short, you need a pickaroon to help you make moving and loading logs and firewood easier, faster, safer, and more comfortable. There is no reason you shouldn’t own this inexpensive yet versatile tool.

What are the Things to Consider for Choosing the Best pickaroon?

Choosing the best pickaroon can be quite daunting as there are many pickaroons available in the market. As mentioned earlier, it depends upon your height and your personal preference. Once you have decided your preference, now you can explore the characteristics of the pickaroon that you need to consider for choosing the right one for you.

These are some of the things that you need to consider for selecting the perfect pickaroon before diving in and buying the first one you see:

1. Length of the handle

Pickaroon handle

This is one of the most important things to consider while choosing the right pickaroon. The perfect length of the handle of a pickaroon is the one that matches your height and power.

The overall point of using a pickaroon is to keep you from bending and reduce your workload thus, we recommend choosing the decent handle according to your height which helps pick the cut logs with the minimum effort.

When the handle is way too short, it will defeat the main purpose of the tool. Therefore, a longer handle is an ideal choice when you’re looking to give your back a break from all pain and strains. However, choosing the tool with the short handle makes sense when we are moving wood that is not lying on the ground, so choosing a shorter handle is not always the worst choice. In addition to that, a shorter handle automatically makes it lighter and easier to carry with you. If you are extremely energetic, you could use one in each hand.

With these considerations in mind, you need to choose a pickaroon that is the best fit for your need and is agreeable to your body.

2. Head and Handle material

The head and handle material choice is an important decision to make while selecting the perfect pickaroon. This factor determines the durability of the tool and the way it is treated.
Generally, the head part is made up of steel, but it is important to ensure that it is made up of carbon steel for the best quality. It is lightweight and lasts for years even with continuous use.

Nevertheless, the biggest difference comes in the materials used while making the handle. In most cases, wood is used, but steel and composite materials are also gaining popularity.

Secondly, while looking for a pickaroon, one might think that the straighter the handle of your pickaroon, the better it is, but that is not the case. So while choosing the tool, you need to look for a slightly curved handle, which gives a good grip and makes it easier to carry lots of wood at the same time.

I recommend wooden handles because they combine aesthetics, comfort as well as strength. Although the shape and design of the tool affect the efficiency of a pickaroon, choosing the one whose handle fits perfectly in your hand can allow you to reduce back strain and allow you to work for longer works comfortably

3. Conventional vs modern style


Like the phrase ‘new school’ & ‘old school,’ Conventional and modern styles of pickaroon are contrasting in their designs. The Modern style is more effective than the old one.

On the contrary, some traditional ones are still effective, but because of their wider pick, it doesn’t stick and hold on to the logs as effectively as the modern ones.

4. Weight

The weight factor determines how long and how conveniently you can operate your workload using a pickaroon. The weight of the firewood you are working on is heavy enough on its own, so you don’t need to look for a weighty pickaroon.

Therefore, if you are looking for something for long hours of workload, then the obvious choice should be lightweight and airy pickaroon so that you won’t suffer from arm fatigue.

5. Shape of the head

Pickaroon head

The shape of the head is the most important characteristic to look at because it is the factor that distinguishes it from hookaroon. Pickaroon and hookaroon are the terms that are used interchangeably.
In-depth, if you are looking for a stronghold, hookaroon with the hooked shape is a better choice, but if you want the blaze to be easily removed from the log, get a pickaroon.

6. Cost

Last but not least, the cost is one of the most crucial factors playing an important role in choosing the pickaroon. A higher price range will give you better material and better build quality from reputed brands. However, a cheaper option may suffice if you intend to use your tool minimally with small workloads. Since the most expensive pickaroons are quite low in cost compared to other forestry tools, I would recommend you invest in a good quality pickaroon to last you for a long time and make your tasks the easiest.

The Best Pickaroons Reviewed (Our top picks)

1.  Woodchuck 32″ Pickaroon – Best stainless steel pickaroon

Woodchuck 32″ Pickaroon

Woodchuck pickaroon is a solid tool. It has an aluminum shaft and a stainless steel pick at the end of it. The aluminum approach is the best as it makes the tool easy to work because of its lightweight, whereas the stainless tool at the end of the stick makes the tool durable at the stress of each clash. The handle gives a grooved finger grip, which is also a nice feature as it helps to reduce the pressure on your hands by providing an extra cushion so that you don’t have to hold so tightly.

Furthermore, This pickaroon is made in the USA which comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. On the contrary, as compared to wooden handles, the metallic silver color is not as good-looking. The tip needs to be sharpened occasionally so that it is sticking into the wood.


  • Hard stainless steel
  • Aluminum handle
  • 32 inches long with finger hook
  • Made in the USA


1. It has a durable metallic build.
2. Comes with a lifetime warranty
3. It is made in the USA
4. Nicely grooved finger grip helps to lower hand fatigue as well as provides additional security.
5. It has been tested by several sawmills with positive results.


1. The overall look is not as good-looking as wood.
2. The tip needs to be sharpened occasionally.

Altogether, Woodchuck 32″ Pickaroon is a solid brand and can be a real good choice. You can find these online for around $50 to $60.

Woodchuck 32″ Pickaroon | Amazon

The Woodchuck Hookeroon is the single function sibling of the Skidderoon. It features the same aluminum handle and high strength ultra-hard stainless steel pick.

Buy at Amazon
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2. Logrite 30″ Pickaroon – Best aluminum pickaroon

Logrite 30″ Pickaroon

The Logrite 30″ pickaroon has a beautiful design than a woodchuck’s pickaroon. It is pretty simple and well-balanced in the overall design, and easy to use. It is the first brand to launch a pickaroon that has aluminum handles.
However, one of the downsides of this pickaroon is that the shape is not very ergonomic. It could use some grips on the end of the handle for the convenience of the woodworkers and even the ridges to show where the point is.


  • It weighs 2.8 pounds
  • the handle is aluminum constructed
  • It is durable and lightweight


1. It is lightweight because of the use of an aluminum handle.
2. It swings nicely and is well balanced
3. Strong aluminum handle and replaceable blade
4. Made in the USA
5. This pickaroon can be used in both thick as well as thin wood


1. This tool has no reference in the handle for pointing blade direction
2. The blaze is more difficult to remove from the cut logs in comparison to others because of a small barb.
3. It is quite short and expensive.

To put it succinctly, by combining its durable handle and great pick this newly designed pickaroon does an effective job. You can find these online for under $80. You won’t be saddened if you decide to get this tool.

Logrite 30″ Pickaroon | Amazon

This bundle features LogRite's 60" Standard Series Cant Hook and 30" Hookaroon. LogRite's Standard Series hand tools are made of sturdy but lightweight aircraft aluminum to create a stronger handle than those found on their wooden counterparts and will not break as they often do.

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03/07/2024 04:34 pm GMT

3. Peavy 36″ Pickaroon – Classic old-time pickaroon

Peavy 36″ pickaroon

If you are looking for a pickaroon with a wooden handle instead of the aluminum shaft, and if you specifically looking for a pickaroon instead of a hookaroon, then Peavy 36″ pickaroon is the best choice. The construction is simple, having a curved wooden handle and metalhead. In today’s era of aluminum, steel, fiberglass pickaroon, classy wooden-handled pickaroon can be quite refreshing.

On the contrary, there is one thing you need to keep in mind before purchasing this tool; If you have trouble time working with heavy tools for long hours, then this tool is probably not for you as it is heavy as compared to Logrite and Woodchuck pickaroon.

If you are looking for a classic old-time pickaroon, peavy 36″ pickaroon is the one to go for. The user-friendly design makes it usable by the senior citizen as well as taller people.


  • 36 inches tall
  • It weighs around 2.4 pounds
  • Classic wooden handle and simple plain steel blade
  • It is recommended for tall people


1.  Well-built, Simple and Durable
2. Handle is made up of wood
3. It won’t get scratches, unlike other wooden handled pickaroon
4. Steel blade can be easily sharped at home
5. Best for taller people
6. It has an anti-slip design


1. It is heavy to use and will require strength for long workloads.
2. Quite Expensive

Peavey Mfg 36" Hookeroon | Amazon

This Hookeroon has a Hume-style spring steelhead. Comes complete with a 36" hardwood handle.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/07/2024 08:37 pm GMT

4. Felled Hookaroon Pickaroon – Best overall pickaroon

Felled Hookaroon Pickaroon

It is the best pickaroon out there in the market and is specifically designed for people with a severe back strain. The unique and widespread head and carved design of the head and handles are made after a large amount of research and investing in high-end technology.
This tool is all-in-one, to make it easier organizing, dragging, picking, and placing wood easier. The 28- inch long handle makes sure you never have to bend down to pick up a piece of cut logs.

Another significant advantage of this pickaroon is that the rubber grip is designed and placed at the end of the handle so that you can hold onto the tool without any pressure on your hands while working for an extended period. The curved end of the handle prevents the tool from slipping away from your hands.

One of the downsides of this pickaroon is that it is very lightweight, because of which you will need to swing a bit harder.


  • Designed mainly for dragging and stacking cut logs
  • 28 inches long
  • Made specifically for people with back strain
  • Added rubber grip and hanging hook


1.  Can stick to softwood as well
2.  Affordable
3. Rubber grip and hanging hook
4. The curvy end prevents slipping of tool
5. Lightweight
6. Great for average as well as tall people
7.  Attractive and easy to store


1.  Can be too light
2. We need practice getting used to the tool.

Felled Hookaroon Pickaroon | Amazon

The Felled Logging Pickaroon Hookaroon Tool is designed to assist you in lifting, dragging, and carrying logs without straining your back; The lightweight pickeroon is simple to use and makes logging easier.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/07/2024 01:14 pm GMT

5. Fiskars 28″ hookaroon

Fiskars hookaroon

Fiskars is a popular brand worldwide established in 1649, not only for forestry tools but for a multitude of useful products. Fiskars pickaroon are the top brand pickaroon, made with fiberglass. The main selling point for their pickaroon is the price and almost as appealing as the price is the design and the materials used.

The total weight of the tool is 1.8 pounds, with a head made up of boron steel with tooth edges. The distinctive construction gives this tool the perfect weight and balance. The handles made up of fiberglass last a lot longer than wooden ones and are more resistant to cracks. Secondly, an amazing non-slip grip at the end of the handle ensures your safety as well as comfort while using this tool as it won’t allow slipping under any circumstances.

Fiskars pickaroon is the best choice to make if you are searching to save money as you can find these online for around $50.


  • Weight is 1.8 pounds
  • The handle is made up of fiberglass
  • Head is boron steel made, with tooth edges
  • Non-grip added


1. Sharp steel blades
2. Added tooth edges that pierce through wood
3.  Can be hung on the wall
4. Non-slip grip provided
5. Fiberglass handle makes tool durable
6. Tool is lightweight
7. Lasts a lifetime


1. Not suitable for taller people

Fiskars Hookaroon | Amazon

The pointed, angled blade of this Hookaroon bites quickly and securely into firewood to make grabbing and moving logs easier. Use it to lift logs or to extend your reach when moving larger logs.

Buy at Amazon
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/07/2024 08:44 pm GMT

How to care for  your pickaroon and Safety considerations


Proper handling and care of any hand or power tool will keep you safe, as forestry tools can be dangerous if not handled with caution and proper techniques. Also, it will make sure that your pickaroon lasts you for years and will save you from having to constantly replace or repair your pickaroon.

You need to consider the following points to keep both you and your pickaroon safe and in perfect working condition:

  • Choosing the right size of pickaroon for you is the first safety tip while working with pickaroons. Too short or too long pickaroon will not only defeat the actual purpose of the tool but also result in injuries since longer handles are harder to control, and shorter handles might miss the logs and hit your legs instead.
  • Many pickaroon and hookaroon related accidents occur when these are left on the ground haphazardly. The sharp and pointed tip can seriously harm you if you hit it or step on it.
  • Coating wooden handles with boiled linseed oil every season prevent the handles from drying out, cracking, and breaking down. Along with providing protection, it soaks into the wood, causing the wood to expand, which keeps the tool’s head secure. Having greater pressure on the outer side of the metal head helps it to be securely attached to the handle of the tool.
  • Use a bastard file to sharpen the hook for better performance of the tool, as the pick will eventually start to get dull. This might be necessary for your new brand pickaroon as well.

For a pickaroon made of composite materials, the best thing you can do is to store it properly, away from direct sun or moisture. Use proper gloves and attire while working with this sharp tool and don’t leave it lying around unaccounted.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: What is a pickaroon?

Answer: A pickaroon is a clever wood handling tool that is designed to grip onto and pick logs. It helps us to pick out logs and helps us to stack them in a manner without worrying about the back pain at the end of the day.

Question: What are the dissimilarities between a pickaroon and a hookaroon?

Answer:  We are sure that either you have mistaken pickaroon for a hookaroon at least once in your life or you’re still confused about the differences between the two. The two terms, Hookaroons and Pickaroons are generally used interchangeably as they are there to serve the same purpose.

In specific, hookaroon is a type of pickaroon. The main difference between these two is that a hookroon has a tip that curves more sharply giving it a hook-like shape, which allows the tool to hold onto logs more firmly. Whereas pickaroon comes out of the log more easily than hoorkaroon.
Therefore, if you like to have a locked grip, go for a hookaroon. And if you get annoyed by the slower removal of the blade from logs, get yourself a pickaroon.

Question: Where to buy a pickaroon?

Answer: Pickaroons have gained huge acceptance recently and are very popular in the markets. They are available in almost all hardware brands and stores. You can test out the quality and feel of a tool in a physical shop before buying. If that is troublesome for you, you can look up pickaroons online.

Question: How to use a pickaroon?

Answer: It is quite an easy task. The first thing to do is to swing the tool and hit the logs with considerable force so that the tool will bite the logs and logs can be picked up without bending. While using a pickaroon, make sure to aim for the middle portion of the log or the firewood so that it doesn’t fall off easily.

Question: How to sharpen a pickaroon?

Answer: Sharpening a pickaroon is similar to the sharpening of other forestry gears like axes. It is done by using a file or wet stones. We recommend using an angle grinder to speed up the process. Keep your pickaroon as sharp as possible for better performance of the tool as the pick will eventually start to get dull. With a sharp pick, you don’t have to use much effort to pierce the wood.

Question: Should I buy a pickaroon?

Answer: If you are regularly working with firewood (picking, moving, and stacking), a pickaroon is a must-have tool. Splitting firewood is drudgery itself, so anything that is designed to pick the wood allowing us to move logs without us bending makes the entire process easier. Pickaroon acts as an add-on to our arm and saves a lot of time and effort.


Pickaroon is a simple hand tool that makes the hard and grinding work of moving and stacking wood very easy, fast, and comfortable on your body. Whether you are working with a felled tree, splitting firewood, loading or unloading logs, or stacking them for storage, a pickaroon will make all these demanding tasks many folds easier.

It helps us to pick out logs and helps us to stack them in a manner without worrying about the back pain at the end of the day. Bending repeatedly can cause heavy strain. Your body will thank you in a couple of years when you don’t have to spend a large amount of money on a chiropractor because of back strain due to heavy lifting and bending.

Using a pickaroon is quite a simple task, and it doesn’t even cost much. With proper care, one pickaroon will last quite a long time, so you don’t have to worry about repurchasing often.

I hope this article will guide you in understanding the several things you need to consider before buying a pickaroon. Among them, selection of optimum length according to your height and preference is a must. Moreover, I’m confident that one of the five models from our top picks will match your specific needs, and you won’t regret adding this indispensable tool to your arsenal of woodworking tools.

Felled Hookaroon Pickaroon | Amazon

The Felled Logging Pickaroon Hookaroon Tool is designed to assist you in lifting, dragging, and carrying logs without straining your back; The lightweight pickeroon is simple to use and makes logging easier.

Buy at Amazon
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/07/2024 01:14 pm GMT

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