Best Log Splitter Rental

Best Log Splitter Rental Options: Local and Nationwide

Renting a log splitter can make much more financial sense than buying one outright, especially if you only need the machine for a one-off job. Our guide to the best log splitter rental options will outline the top companies you can rent a wood splitter from.

We will look at different things you should consider before renting a log splitter and explore the nationwide and local options you can use.

We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions towards the end.

If you want a brief overview of the rental companies that offer log splitters, have a look at our handy table below.

At a Glance: 6 of the Best Log Splitter Rental Options in 2021

Rental Company Best for… Maximum rental period More Info
Home Depot Best overall log splitter rental Indefinite Find out more
Sunbelt Rentals Best for renting a heavy-duty log splitter 4 weeks Find out more
Rental HQ Best for finding local log splitters to rent Varies Find out more
Herc Rentals Best for gas-powered log splitter rental 4 weeks Find out more
A Tool Shed Best for long term log splitter rental Indefinite Find out more
Koopman Lumber Best for having various log splitter options Varies Find out more

Selection Criteria

There are many rental companies out there that you can hire a log splitter from. In creating our list of the best log splitter rental companies, we had to filter it out using some stringent selection criteria.

To do this, we included rental companies that provided the following options:

  • Nationwide and local – We have included rental companies with national coverage and local directory-based websites that can match you with a regional rental business.
  • Different log splitter models – Some people prefer electric or kinetic log splitters, while others prefer gas-powered models. We have included a varied list of rental companies, so you can find one that offers a log splitter with the fuel source you want.
  • Reasonable rates – All the log splitter rental companies we have included on our list offer affordable rates, and we have omitted those that charge excessive fees to hire a log splitter.

What is a Log Splitter?

A log splitter is a helpful type of machinery that is used to cut and split wood. Many people use a log splitter to cut up firewood, and it can help save money if you can cut up timber for burning.

Even though you can buy manual log splitters, these still require a reasonable about of effort and physical exertion. This is why many people choose to either purchase or rent an electric or petrol-powered log splitter, as these models enormously cut down on the manual work involved in splitting wood.

Buying a log splitter can be expensive, although budget models are available; however, if you simply need a machine for a one-off job, renting a log splitter can make more sense.

Things to consider before renting a log splitter

Log splitters are popular types of machinery to rent as many people often need them for one-off or infrequent work, so buying one doesn’t make that much economic sense. These are some things you should think about before you go and rent one.

Type of log splitter

Log splitters can be powered by different sources such as kinetic energy, petrol, or electricity.

Most rental log splitters will be either petrol-powered or need to be plugged into an electricity source. So, which one should you go for?

Electric log splitters tend to be the most powerful and can cut up larger logs quickly and efficiently. The downside is that you need to plug it in, so it can be challenging to use in the wilderness or somewhere without access to electricity.

Petrol or gas log splitters are still powerful but often aren’t as efficient as electric models. The significant advantage of a gas log splitter is that you can use it anywhere as it doesn’t need to be plugged in and can simply be topped up with petrol.


The cost of renting a log splitter is one of the main things you need to consider once you have figured out the correct type of machine you need.

The cost between rental companies for this type of machinery can vary quite a lot, and it often depends on the state you live in how much the overall cost will be. If you need to rent a log splitter for four weeks, the cost can often be relatively close to actually purchasing one, depending on the model.

So, think about what you need the log splitter for, how long you require its services, and work out if renting on a medium or long-term basis is worth it. For short, one-off jobs, renting will definitely save you money; however, renting on an ongoing basis will most likely cost more than just purchasing one outright.

Additional Charges

Sometimes the rental cost is not the overall price you pay.

Companies often have addons and additional charges that need to be paid to rent a log splitter. Some of these can be optional, and others are mandatory. For example, rental protection plans protect your liability if the log splitter is damaged or stolen or a deposit on top of the overall fee.

Make sure you read the fine print and know exactly what you will pay to rent a log splitter, as the additional charges can cause a considerable increase in the overall cost.


You can’t just rent a log splitter and begin using it properly without first reading all the instructions and having the correct safety gear.

Sometimes rental companies have online training manuals for using a log splitter safely. You also own the right equipment to operate this type of machinery, and this includes:

  • Eye Protection such as Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Hard Hat
  • Hearing Protection
  • Sturdy shoes or boots

Make sure that you are confident in using a log splitter before renting one and start using it as accidents can cause serious injury.

6 Best Log Splitter Rental Options

1. Home Depot – Best overall log splitter rental

Our top choice for log splitter rental is Home Depot.

Their daily, weekly, and four-weekly rate to rent a log splitter is very competitive, and Home Depot is one of the biggest brands in the USA.

The log splitter you can rent is a hydraulic model – it uses a Subaru EX27 Engine – and has an impressive driving force of 20 tons with a 14 second cycle time. Not only are their rates very affordable, but you are also getting a powerful log splitter into the bargain.

The downside of using Home Depot for log splitter rental is that you need to pay a $150 deposit, although this is refundable if you return the machine without any issues.

One of the biggest advantages of using Home Depot is that they are such a big company, and you can rent log splitters nationwide, so they aren’t limited to certain states.


  • Home Depot is available nationwide
  • Offers reasonably rental rates
  • The log splitter is high-quality


  • Might not be suited for occasional use or one-off jobs

2. Sunbelt Rentals – Best for renting a heavy-duty log splitter

If you need a heavy-duty log splitter to cut up large pieces of wood, an excellent rental option is Sunbelt Rentals.

The log splitter you can hire is a 26-ton hydraulic machine that can cut up to 24″ length logs. The cycle time for this log splitter is 14-seconds, so it is incredibly efficient. Powered by an impressive 270cc Honda GX engine, this powerful machine can handle all types of wood.

Their rates are cheaper than Home Depot if you need a log splitter for a few days or a few weeks, although you won’t get the same coverage as Home Depot as they are a much larger company.

One advantage of Sunbelt Rentals is that they have several safety resources and courses available if you aren’t too confident about using a log splitter.

For a short-term log splitter rental that provides you with a heavy-duty machine capable of carving through even hardwood, Sunbelt Rentals is a great choice.


  • Provides a heavy-duty log-splitter
  • Cheap rates compared to other rental companies
  • Offer safety and training resources to use a log splitter


  • Don’t have as wide coverage as some other rental options

3. Rental HQ – Best for finding local log splitters to rent

Sometimes local is best, and Rental HQ is an excellent option for finding a local company to rent a log splitter from.

While you can undoubtedly opt for larger nationwide stores, this directory matches you with local options in your area. This can help you to find the best rates and the best equipment.

Even though this directory website is available throughout the USA, it does depend on your location how many choices you have. Some locations will have much better log splitter rental options than others, so it is something to be mindful of.

However, if you want to stay local and rent from a company focused on your area, Rental HQ is a good option. They also list many nationwide stores and outlets, so you have plenty of choices.


  • Ideal for renting from a local company
  • It can often find you the best rates
  • Lists many nationwide outlets too


  • Options might be limited depending on where you live.

4. Herc Rentals – Best for gas-powered log splitter rental

You can rent different log splitter models; however, if you want a gas-power wood splitter, Herc Rentals provides a powerful model.

This log splitter has an 8.7 hp gasoline, cutting through tough wood and working efficiently. The ideal thing of renting a gas log splitter is that you can use it anywhere, and it doesn’t need to be plugged into a power source. The torsion axle suspension makes this log splitter easy to move around without bouncing and improves stability. At the same time, there is a two-handed control system and other features to enhanced safety.

The cost of renting this log splitter is reasonable, and it certainly isn’t the most expensive on the market.

If you want other log splitter options, such as electric or kinetic, you will need to explore other rental companies. However, Herc Rentals is a well-known name, and you can rent a wood splitter nationwide.


  • A great option for renting a gas-powered log splitter
  • Will cut up logs quickly and efficiently
  • Nationwide availability with reasonable rates


  • Don’t have any other options such as electric or kinetic powered models.

5. A Tool Shed – Best for long term log splitter rental

Even though we recommend you purchase a log splitter if you need one in the long term, A Tool Shed is your best bet for renting a wood splitter for an extended time.

With this rental company, you can rent a log splitter for as long as you like.

This model on offer is a Barreto’s 922LS which has an impressive driving force of 22 tons and a decent cycle time of 20 seconds. So, if you need a robust log splitter, this is a good choice as it can rip through different types of logs with ease.

You also get a full tank of fuel when you rent this log splitter.

A downside is that they are pretty limited to the locations you can rent this log splitter from, and it is restricted to the state of California. However, this represents a good chance to rent a log-splitter long-term for a very decent cost.


  • Provides a powerful and robust log splitter
  • Excellent rates for long-term rentals


  • Very limited in locations you can rent from

6. Koopman Lumber – Best for having various log splitter options

Lastly, we have Koopman Lumber.

The log splitter rental options so far on our list have been very limited to the models you can rent; however, Koopman Lumber gives you several options.

This includes:

  • A Cub Cadet LS25 CC Log Splitter with 25 tons and 19 second cycle time
  • A Cub Cadet LS27 CCHP Log Splitter with 27 tons and 15 seconds cycle time
  • A DR Power Premier Log Splitter with 22 tons and 16 seconds cycle time
  • An Oregon 22 ton Log Splitter

Like Rental HQ, this acts as a directory where you can be paired with a local rental company to hire out this log splitter. This can be helpful to find somewhere in your area, although availability will depend on your location.

However, if you want various log splitter options to rent, Koopman Lumber is the best place to visit.


  • Has various log splitter rental options
  • Directory-based site, so you can find a local company to hire from


  • Availability will be limited depending on where you live

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is a log splitter?

Answer: A log splitter is a necessary machine if you wish to cut up firewood. It neatly cuts and splits wood and saves a lot of effort compared to doing this manually.

Question: Should I rent or buy a log splitter?

Answer: It depends. If you only need a log splitter for a one-off job, it makes more sense to pay a rental cost. However, if you need a log splitter on an ongoing basis, buying one outright makes more financial sense.

Question: Is renting a log splitter expensive?

Answer: This depends on several factors, including the type of log splitter you want to rent, how long you need it for, and the company you are renting it from —renting for longer than a few weeks can be costly, and it might make more sense to purchase one.

Question: Can I cut other materials with a log splitter?

Answer: No. A log splitter should only be used to cut up wood. Using it to cut other materials can cause damage to the machine and is a safety issue.

Question: What safety equipment do I need to use a log splitter?

Answer: Log splitters are safe to use if you follow the operating instructions and correctly use this machine. However, it would be best to have adequate safety equipment, including goggles, sturdy boots, gloves, gloves, and a hard hat.

Question: Does renting a log splitter incur additional charges?

Answer: Potentially. Some rental companies will request a refundable deposit that is paid back when the log splitter is returned undamaged. Other charges may be applicable, so ensure you read all the fine print before taking out a rental agreement.

Our Verdict: What is the Best Log Splitter Rental Option?

Our top choice for log splitter rental is Home Depot.

The main reason we have chosen Home Depot is their nationwide coverage combined with reasonable rental rates. Every state has a Home Depot, so renting a log splitter should be a straightforward process regardless of your location.

Also, the log splitter that you can rent is powerful, efficient, and considered a bargain if you only need it for a one-off job.

If you require a log splitter for long-term use, we recommend purchasing one; however, Home Depot is the best place to rent a capable log splitter for short-term and infrequent work.

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