Husqvarna 435 Review and Guide: Is It Right For You?

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Chainsaws are a true friend of arborists as well as laymen like us. From cutting the fallen trees to chopping the firewood, a perfect quality chainsaw makes things easier.

Husqvarna chainsaw is one of the most trusted and best chainsaw brands globally. Its quick-to-start engine and easy-to-pull starter cord are hailed for every work convenience. User feedbacks suggest Husqvarna 435 chainsaw for numerous years of everyday use.

If you’re up to a light weighted saw, easy to maneuver, and for occasional light cutting duties around farm and home, then Husqvarna 435 chainsaw is the one you’re looking for.

Let’s find out what this saw has to offer you.

Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw: Specification

  • Brand: Husqvarna
  • Model: 435
  • Engine: 40.9 cc X Torq engine
  • Power Output: 2.2 hp / 1.6 kW
  • Weight: 9.2 lbs
  • Blade Length: 16 inches
  • Speed: 9000 rpm
  • Fuel Capacity: 12.51 fl. Oz.
  • Noise Level: 102 dB

How to choose Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw? – Decision-Making Tips

The Husqvarna Brand

Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw

Husqvarna is a Swedish power tool manufacturers being in business for more than three centuries now. And is the largest power tool manufacturers in the whole world. They have developed more than a dozen of chainsaws over the years.

The reliable performance of machines, development of great features, and product durability are the main factors for rising in Husqvarna. They are serving the leading companies and professionals with mowers, chainsaws, stone-cutting tools, and other agricultural products.

There are various Husqvarna chainsaw models that professionals, as well as homeowners, can choose as per their needs. Provided that, there are inclusions of casual, Landowner, and Electric series of chainsaws.

What are you cutting?

Yes, big machines with large motors and long bars do intimidate us to buy them but make sure that product matches your job.

If your job is to trim or prune the big hedges or to cut small branches, look for something lighter and easier to handle to maneuver. Have you been looking for something to cut hardwoods and do some forestry work, you would better choose one with a long, tough bar.

One of the most important considerations to be made during the purchase is the type of tree chainsaw will be cutting. Softwoods do not require big machines while it will be tough to work with small machines on hardwoods.

Is the chainsaw easy to handle?

You don’t want to spoil all your time just handling the machine rather than completing the work. The best way to determine whether a specific Husqvarna chainsaw perfectly fits your work is to look at the key features of that machine.

Seek after the chainsaw which is easy to carry with all the necessary safety protections. For homeowners, chainsaws with kickback protection, brakes, and trigger designs are standard. When in doubt, double-check the product specifications.

There are several reviewers in the world who might write in-depth about chainsaws. They provide the product prospective to buyers- read plenty of them before buying any chainsaw.

Is the chainsaw easy to maintain?

Husqvarna 435

Chainsaws require regular maintenance to be in top condition. Servicing and maintenance make big difference in the longevity of the product.

Even oils get thicker and sticky over time which clogs the carburetor. The damaged electrode can lead to defective spark plugs.

In order to run the engine properly; fuel, spark, and air areas should be in good condition. So, when you’re buying a chainsaw, look for a model with better airflow and low-maintenance features.

Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw: Review

Technical Features


40.9 cc-power with an output of 2.2 HP is the heart of the Husqvarna 435 chainsaw. X torque engine of this chainsaw adds one more salient feature to purchase. It improves fuel consumption by up to 20% and reduces exhaust emission by up to 70% compared to other chainsaws.

In addition to that, this chainsaw has a maximum speed of 9000 rpm, which gives a smooth cut. When the chainsaw is at no load and is on a minimum throttle setting, it works at an idling speed of only 2900 rpm- power-saving and maximizing efficiency.

Air Injection

Air injection is another valuable feature in the Husqvarna chainsaw that purifies the air before reaching the engine. Even after the continuous cutting of wood/ timber, the dust remains outside the air filter due to the centrifugal air cleaning system.

Dust clogging and jamming of an engine are no big deal- better engine life and performance.

Cutting Equipment


Consumer feedbacks suggest that a 15-18 inches bar is a real workhorse, and gives performance satisfaction. Husqvarna bar is precisely optimized to deliver optimum performance with premium reliability.

The bar is a fundamental part of a good chainsaw, so you must be very careful while choosing the best bar. Along with that, special care should be taken for the maintenance of your chainsaw bar. Make sure to avoid chain tension, dirt, and poor lubrication of the bar.

The Husqvarna chain is another basic component of this chainsaw for maximum efficiency and high performance. The chain is designed which works on the principle of optimizing the performance and maximizing the output. Low stretch, high durability, high cutting efficiency, and optimal cutting angle are what make this chain more desirable.

Like the bar, make sure chains are properly tensioned and lubricated. Be patient to choose the right chain for the right application.

Read also: How to Find the Best Chainsaw Bars.

Chain Oil System

Whether your chainsaw has an automatic flow or adjustable flow oiling system, lubrication of the bar is a must in either case. An adequate amount of oil is required in the bar and chain to reduce the friction which otherwise can heat the saw.

Chainsaw with adjustable flow oiling system requires repetitive pressing on the button to distribute oil throughout chain and bars. The fixed/automatic flow oiling system of Husqvarna utilizes this time to bring as maximum output as possible. You can concentrate and finish your work without stressing about these problems.

The oil tank has a capacity of about 240 ml, which is actually a reasonable size. A cap is located at the side of the saw to fill the oil. This chainsaw has a pumping rate of about 13 ml per minute, keeping the reservoir useful for about 15 to 18 minutes.

Fuel Tank 

The fuel tank has a capacity of about 370 ml with fuel consumption of 652g/kWh. This gives a clear idea about the chainsaw portability and size.

Three-piece Crankshaft

The crankshaft is a major component of an internal combustion engine. It is responsible for converting linear motion to rotational motion. The three-piece crankshaft of the Husqvarna 435 chainsaw gives us an idea about its durability and capacity to complete extensive work.

Safety Features


Low vibration

The low vibration technology of the Husqvarna 435 chainsaw is what most consumers are impressed with. Almost no vibration of the chainsaw reduces the fatigue and lets you use it for a long time.

Hand Guards

Flying debris is the main enemy while you are working with any chainsaw. But, with the handguards on the front and back of the chainsaw- you don’t need to worry about it. Handles of chainsaws are made up of rubbery material with felling marks- making it anti-slip.

Throttle Lockout Button

Husqvarna chainsaw works at two speeds: idle speed and throttle speed. The throttle lockout button keeps the chainsaw at idle speed and resists the chain to drive. Even when the trigger is accidentally pushed, the lockout button prevents the chain to be driven- keeping you safe from injury.

Chain Brakes 

Chain Brake

Chain brakes stop the driving chains by applying a steel brake band around the clutch drum. Husqvarna 435 chainsaw model has inertia-activated chain brakes.

This chainsaw has a link between the top handle and the chain brake trigger. The moment the saw’s bar is forced upwards, the chainsaw applies the brake and prevents you from any kind of injury.

Low Kickbacks 

Kickback is the main problem while using chainsaws. Kickback can occur when your chainsaw comes in contact with a massive or immovable object while in operation.

Low kickbacks keep you safe from the upward and backward motion of the chainsaw which otherwise can cause a serious injury within a fraction of seconds.

User Friendly

Combined start-stop switch, air purge system, visible fuel level, low vibration, fixed oiling system, light-weighted, and many other features of Husqvarna 435 chainsaw makes it user-friendly.

The majority of the safety features reduce the chance of immediate injury or accidents. You can continue your work over a long period of time with Light-weighted handles, low vibrations, low kickbacks featured chainsaws.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Low vibrations Starting can be tough on warmer days
2-years warranty Requires care for the long run
Light-weight and easy to handle Kickbacks can be a problem when chain design is inappropriate
The ergonomic design makes the chainsaw easy to hold  
Automatic oiling system  
Low maintenance and perfect air cleaning system  
Fuel efficient design  

Best Alternatives to Husqvarna 435

Stihl MS 150 C-E

Stihl MS 150 C-E

For those of you looking at a light-duty craving chainsaw- Stihl is the perfect one. With about 6.2 pounds weight, low vibration technology, and 12 inches blade length- you can get precise carving cuts.

The Easy2Start system makes the starting of Sthil effortless and less fatigue. You can invest your time in outdoor work rather than just pulling the starting cord to start the engine.

This chainsaw has a body made up of plastic and housing is of high-quality polymer- making it less corrosive and more durable.

Its general specifications include a 23.6 cc engine, 1. kW power, 12 inches guide bar, 150 cc oil capacity, and 200 cc fuel capacity.

The C and E symbol on this model represents comfort and easy to start features respectively.

Husqvarna 445

Husqvarna 445

Like Husqvarna 435 chainsaw, Husqvarna 445 contains X-Torque engines, air injection, inertia activated chain brakes, and smart start.

This is a powerful all-round saw for professional and domestic works. Talking about its specifications, it has a 2.8 hp power output with a maximum speed of 9000 rpm. Its idling speed of 2700 rpm helps to continue the work even when the engine stops. 18 inches of bar length is perfect for any cut.

Other features include easy start-up, fill-up tank cap, trio brake, visible fuel level, three-piece crankshaft, quick air release filter, and auto return stop switch. Low vibration technology and a combined start-stop switch make you more comfortable while working.

Makita XCU03 

Makita XCU03 

A 4.7 kg lightweight Makita is ideal for DIY and medium-duty works. A guide bar of 12-16 inches does your work.

One of the peculiar characteristics of this saw is it runs with a battery and has a battery protection system. With this system, the chainsaw keeps you away from any kind of accident that may otherwise take place.

It consists of overload protection, overheats protection, over-discharge protection. The saw is lubricated automatically during the time of operation. The oil tank has a capacity of about 200 ml.

Husqvarna 435 Guide

Husqvarna 435 provides you with a manual for operation. You must go through the manual to know detail about each and every functional feature. However, here are some basic “How-to” you might find helpful after purchasing the chainsaw. Not to forget- do not start the chainsaw without any safety precautions. Always wear protective glasses and gloves before starting the chainsaw.

How to start Husqvarna chainsaw?


First and foremost, activate the chainsaw by pushing the front handguard forward.

For a cold engine, you need to set the choke controller in the choke position by pulling it forward. This action automatically sets the stop switch to the start position. Afterward, press the air purge several times until the fuel begins to fill the bulb.

Don’t forget to press the decompression valve which reduces the pressure in the cylinder and makes the starting easier.

Pull out the starter cord firmly until you feel the resistance. Keep pulling the starter cord till you hear the sound like the engine partially started.

Then, set the choke control in its original position and press the decompression valve one more time. Repeat pulling the cord which will now start the engine.

For a warm engine or previously run chainsaw, pull the choke control and set it back in again. The rest of the steps are similar to cold engine techniques.

How to set bar and chains on the chainsaw?

Before beginning, disengage the chain brake by moving the front handguards towards the front handle.

Remove the bar nuts and open up the clutch cover. Now, place the bars in the bar bolts and remember to set the bars at the rearmost position over the drive sprocket.

Cutter teeth facing forward- place the chain over the top edge of the bar. Start installing the chain on the top of the bar by locating the drive links in the grooves of the bar.

Place the chain adjuster pin in the clutch cover and fit the cover in the nit. Chain tension is very important so that the chain fits properly in the bar- avoiding the accident that may happen due to lagged chain. At last, tighten the bar nuts.

Do not forget to check the tension of the chain frequently.

Chainsaw Chain Guide: Measurements, Sizes, and Types

When it comes to replacing the chains- of course, the good starting point is to refer to the manual. But, if it’s time to swear the chain and your chain becomes dull- you want a different cut.

3 Key Chain Measurements

The size of the chain depends upon three key measurements which will guide you to the perfect chain.

  • Pitch: It is the distance between the chain drive link.
  • Gauge: It is the thickness of the drive link that fits in the groove of the bar.
  • Drive links: Husqvarna includes all the pitch, gauge, and drive links measurements in the manual. If you need to change the chains, do go through it once.

How to mix the fuel?

Fuel Tank

Small inaccuracy can drastically change the ratio of the mixture. Special care should be done while mixing the fuel for a two-stroke engine. Do not refuel the engine while it’s running or hot and run the operation with safety protection only.

It is important that you choose unleaded gasoline. Leaded gasoline will destroy your product catalytic converter. You should use the octane as the manual suggests, to prevent knocking- a condition caused by high engine temperature.

Use Husqvarna brand two-stroke engine oil (specially formulated for air-cooled two-stroke engine) for the best result.

Husqvarna two-stroke oil comes in the bottle that is easily added to 1 gallon of gas with no measuring required.

Always mix gasoline and fuel in a clean container. Pour half a gallon of gasoline and add the complete bottle of fuel. Shake the mixture for at least 15 sec then add the remaining amount of gasoline and shake for an additional 15 sec.

Fill this mixture into the tank.

How to keep your chain sharp?

A dull chain can lead to excessive fuel consumption and wear. Here’s what you need to do to keep your chain sharp

First of all, the tools you’ll need include round file, flat file, file gauge, and stump vise.

While filing the chain, place the filing gauge on the chain such that the arrow on the filing gauge should point chain’s direction of rotation.

Further, place the round file at a 90-degree angle to the rollers and start filing with both hands- away from you.

Likewise, proceed to every other tooth. Make sure that all the cutting teeth are of equal length.

The chain becomes blunt if you’ve not been using it for a long time. Also, if the chains are sawn through the stone- they should be sharpened immediately.


Question: What shall I look after while replacing a bar?

Answer: Unlike gas-powered chainsaws, electric chainsaws use 18 inched or fewer bars to increase the cut efficiency. So, you don’t need to worry more while replacing the bar.

Question: How can I clean the Husqvarna chainsaw?

Answer: Chainsaws fuel filters are easy to replace than to change. So, you should rather change the air filter as cleaning it can be a bit tricky.

Question: What is the difference between 435 and 435e chainsaws?

Answer: The main difference is that the 435e chainsaw comes with an X-cut chain and X-force chainsaw bar.


With all these detailed features, we can tell Husqvarna 435 chainsaw is a perfect tool for both professionals and beginners. Without any doubt, it is a safe and perfect tool to perform with. Excellent performance and maximum output from this chainsaw are what make it superior to other chainsaws.

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